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Why use an insurance broker?

It is best to use an insurance broker if you are not sure of what level of coverage you require, you are looking for a policy which includes something particular, or you want to make sure you are paying the best price. We are experts in the market, and for even the most complex insurance policies, we can ensure that you are paying the best possible price.

Although many people use comparison sites to try and get the cheapest policies, this is often not the best way to buy insurance. This is because the guidelines displayed on comparison sites are, in most cases, the most generic options and are not tailored to your individual needs. Here at Winfield’s, we make sure that your policy is tailored to your requirements whilst making sure prices are as low as possible.

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Health Insurance

Insurance for :
• Individuals
• Children
• Corporate
• Family

Life Insurance

Insurance to cover :
• Income Protection
• Critical Illness

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What are the advantages of using a Winfields Insurance Brokers?

There are many reasons why we recommend using an insurance broker:

As comparison sites do, insurance brokers get paid by the insurance companies, not you. On top of this, they can give you more information on the different insurers, for free, that cannot be found on an insurance site.

A lot of insurers will not advertise all the options for insurance they offer. A broker can also help you work out all the parts of a policy you require and what things the insurers provide that might not be common knowledge.

A broker will ask about your circumstances to find you the best possible policy. They will also be able to tell you what you need in relation to cover you may already have and stop any potential overlap in the policy. Making sure that your product is more specific can also mean a higher chance of a flexible lower price.

You might not see policies that cover your specific needs on comparison sites. For example, this is often the case with income protection or critical illness insurance, as they need to be tailored to your needs. You also will not find a unique or bespoke cover on there, so if you want to insure something special, then a broker will know where to look.

If you need to make a claim, your broker might be able to speak to the loss adjusters and claims department to save you time and hassle.


What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance enables people to access private and fast healthcare. Certain factors may affect health insurance; this will be discussed within the article.

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What life insurance should you get?

Life insurance can cover you for many things in life. Some are more common and more relevant than others. This article will discuss some of the most crucial life insurance you need.

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